eng Wang Liying s ACMT argument, the murderer I have V law, it is not enough A year five year old girl, she strokes who provoke Who, and how can not let her Mu Wangfu on the non Apple Certification arrested her not To face it. Laoting principals light laugh. Mu Wangfu did not initially Jiang Hui, A Ruo seriously, but that is a big village, a small country only, hand to capture. Who knows Jiang Hui with his sister and then again and again from the Mu Wangfu s heavenly network to escap. e, Mu Wangfu even a little girl can not catch, his face could not hold, angry. A I 277 Face important or life important That was a jumping child. Danyang princess disagree. Little girl, who do you think you are as good as you do it. Laoting princess could ACMT it exam not help laughing. Danyang County, the main man invited Mrs Lu Nanhou came. Ru Nan Hou lady did not send a post in advance, then take the risk of the door, and in fact some of the rude, Danyang Princess did not like the heart. However, the Runan Houfu Mu Wangyuan Princess is the maiden, Mu Wang is Danyang Princess, Laoting principals cousin, the two also considered marr. iage, inconvenient to shut out. Ru Nanhou lady surnamed Qin, more than 40 years of age, the body slightly fat, eyes are still shrewd, piled with a smile, the tone

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
9L0-010 Macintosh Service Certification Exam Apple ACMT
9L0-012 Mac Service Certification Apple ACMT
9L0-314 Apple Hardware Recertification exam Apple ACMT
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